Collection of signed first editions and letters.

Sold Out

Peter Beard Archive

Bella Sidney Woolf

Leonard Woolf - Century of Writers - Signed

Leonard Woolf - Sowing and Growing - Inscribed

Leonard Woolf - Diaries of Ceylon Inscribed

Leonard Woolf - After the Deluge Signed   - authors copy

L’Etape Nécessaire - Luc Durtain inscribed to Roger Fry

Lytton Strachey - Elizabeth and Essex - inscribed

Reviewing Ham Spray house

Poems and Fables inscribed to Tony Fry

Roger Fry collections of 8 titles from library

Roger Fry set of three letters

Roger Fry - Characteristics of French Art

Poets on Poets - Mrs. Richard Strachey

War and Peace - Hams Spray

Faces Vita Sackvill West - Insribed

Virginia Woolf - Letter to Clive Bell

Leonard Woolf - The Burning House'

Lytton Strachey - Four Page Erotic Poem

Leslie Stephen letter to A.C Swineburn

Leonard Woolf - Collection of 21 letters + 2 book reviews.

Leonard Woolf - Sowing - Uncorrected Proof

Duncan Grant - signed catalog

Duncan Grant - Childhood sketchbook

E.M Forster Letter

Jack Kerouac letter from mother

Jack Kerouac -Henri Cru Love Letter

Jack Kerouac Library Card

Clive Bell - Since Cezanne

Flush - A biography, Signed/Presentation

Roger Fry - Biography ARC

Portraits of Miniature - Inscribed

John Maynard Keynes - Postcard

John Maynard Kenes - Letter

Lytton Strachey Letter

Saville Club Menu

Duncan Grant Letters

Leonard Woolf - Autobiography 5 Vol - signed

Nancy Cunard - Parallax - Signed

Virigina Woolf - Walter Sickert

Virginia Woolf - Granite Rainbow ARC- Proofs

Grafton Galleries - Roger Fry

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