High Times Magazine. Issues 1-10. 1974 - 1976


High Times lit up the scene with its cutting-edge journalism that featured topics ranging from activism, politics, sex, music, film and, quite prominently, drugs. Propelled by his own sales of illegal marijuana in the 70s, Tom Forcade launched the first issue of High Times in NYC in 1974 in jest, a single-issue lampoon of Playboy, substituting dope for sex. The magazine was printed in a small run and quickly sold out prompting him to re-issue it and change the cover price from $1 to $1.50. (Our selection below includes the original $1 issue.)

The magazine included high quality photography of glistening cannibus plants and their fashionable users, often in the centerfold. There was also a strong focus on horticulture and legalization advocacy. (What makes these interesting is the unintentional street portraiture.) High Times' primary objective was advocating for the legalization of cannabis but the 70s fashion documented in its pages is truly on point.

Published during the height of the art/pop culture movement you will find in these pages many influential artists (Warhol and Capote both posed for later covers) of the era who helped push the boundaries on weed and distribute the magazine to the intellectual and artistic community influencing dialogue on decriminalization.



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