Pacha. 40 anos de historia - by Toni Riera

Pacha. 40 anos de historia - by Toni Riera


Pacha 40 Years of History

Toni Riera

Lunwerg Edition. 2008

Loaded with photos of 40 years of partying at Pacha

The original Pacha Sitges threw open its doors in 1967. Since the arrival and reign of Pacha Ibiza, the imprint of two cherries on the history of clubbing has been felt across the globe. Toni Riera's book is a celebration of those 40 years, a personal account of balmy Pacha nights on a magical island as Pacha spread across three continents in both hemispheres. As Ricardo Urgell says in his introduction as editor and host of the Pacha Book: "This book will help you to discover us without vain pretension or false modesty we could say we are already very well known, but it will help you to now us in depth, to awaken happy memories and illustrate them with unique images, to show how Pacha accompanies you in the planetary night. In other words, to prolong at home certain experiences lived with us. Enjoy it as much as we enjoy our presence.

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